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  • Online Continuous Monitoring System Viber M2


VIBER M2TM is a 1 or 2 channel machine guard. The M2 can give an alarm or stop the machine if vibration indicates failure. The M2 is designed for standalone guard, but can send information into a programmable controller or to other monitoring system.

Each Chanel has:

  • Three adjustable measure ranges
  • Two independent alarm levels with manual or auto reset
  • Frequency ranges can be set by embedded switches
  • Current output proportional to the vibration level 4- 20 mA, suitable for connection to a PLC
  • Monitoring of transducer and cable failure
  • Analysis signal on BNC and terminal output

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  • Online Continuous Monitoring System Viber 41


A new online system, VIBER MP™ - System is now available. The system is an analogue system with machine protection capability. Monitor vibration, Bearing condition and Temperature using only one sensor!

Economic efficient as always with VMI products!

VIBER MP™ - System will give alarm or stop the machine if failure occurs and the settings for warning or danger are exceeded.

VIBER MP™ - System continuously measures machine vibration, sensor and cable status, information can be transferred by an external PLC to the control room.
VIBER MP™ - System has a secure local alarm transfer to the control room, (does not use internet).

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