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  • Portable Analyser cum Balancer X5-Viber


Viber X5TM is an advanced Two / Three Channel vibration analyzer cum Balancer with IR Thermography Camera, MCSA Option. Together with SpectraPro® PC software it provides a complete package for predictive condition maintenance.

Viber X5TM is capable of measuring, processing, displaying and storing a wide range of measurement parameters.

You can collect various types of field data; examples are vibration information, bearing analyze, temperature, speed and other process variables that enables you to expand its functionality by adding new measurements to improve your analysis capabilities. You may also use the VIBER X5TM for 1 or 2 plane balancing.

Viber X5TM perfectly fits with the SpectraPro® multipurpose software and it is also compatible with our other analyze instruments.

2 Accelerometers, VMI 192 &/or Triaxial accelerometer
Internal IR temperature meter
Possibility to listening to the bearings while measuring
IP68 rugged carrying case
Extension tip
Desktop charger
Hand straps for comfortable use
USB cable for connection to a computer
Free software update
1 year manufacturing warranty with possibility for extension
up to 6 years
Balancing - One - and two - plane
Route based data collection
Multimeter, process parameters
Data logger for long-term recording
Coast - down /-up - Bode Plot
Bearing condition
Amplitude and Phase
2Gigabyte internal memory as standard
Capable of listening to bearing noise

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  • Portable Analyser cum Balancer X-Viber


VMI International has developed the Wireless X-BALANCER, the biggest balancing news in years!

Safe to use, personal don´t need to be close to noisy and hazardous environments, they can be up to 20 meters away from the machine being balanced.

Don´t risk anything, use the safest device in the market!

Compare with anyone!

» Easy to use, all necessary knowledge is available in the hand unit
» Can be used for all rotating machines like Pumps, Fans, Mills, Mowers, Stirrers, Blowers
» Balancing can be performed in accordance with ISO Standards 1940
» Easy to afford, best price/performance ratio
» Balancing in 1 or 2 planes
» Directly change of measuring unit
» Each balancing can be stored in the Machine Library
» Weight distributions to fixed positions
» Tool library with tool compensation are available
» Ability to measure the spectra before and after balancing to present spectra graph into the balancing report
» 12 hours of continuous battery life.
» Th e X-Balancer includes all necessary Cables and Sensors to perform balancing
» All standard rotors are available in software, which simplififies implementation
» X-Balancer communication are certified in almost all countries in the world
» Balancing results can easily be reported
» 2 Years Warranty