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Iron & steel companies face the challenge of meeting the present day demands of increased utilization of assets & production capacity without compromising on quality. Innovate process modifications & maintenance strategies to improve productivity are being implemented.

Implementation of Vibration analysis on rotating equipment has helped reduce downtime & outages. We regularly carry out detailed study on all plant equipments at Blast Furnace, PCI Plant, WRM, BRM, SMS, Uitility, Sinter, CPP plant.

In of the Plants, the Waste Gas Blower required to be balanced as the vibration levels were at alarm zone. After close monitoring, the equipment was taken up for in-situ dynamic balancing.

The Coil Laying Head drive at a WRM Plant was taken up detailed study as frequent failures of reduction gearbox bearings were reported. The root cause was identified as unbalance in the Coil Laying Head Rotor. In-site Balancing was carried out and significant reduction in vibration levels achived. No failure of bearing reported in past two years.

Blast Furnace being the critical Plant in Steel manufacturing industry regular monitoring of Blowers, Fans, Skip Winch assembly, Coal Mills, Compressors, Pumps are essential.

Coiler, Combustion Blowers, Roller stand, Cooling water Pump, etc., requires regular monitoring in BRM & WRM Plants

Equipments like Pumps (Cooling Water, Pre Cooling Water, Chilled Water, Turbine Oil), Compressors (Main Air, Multi stage-Booster Air, Oxygen), Turbine Booster, etc., are required to be taken up for regular monitoring in Air Separation Plants.

Waste Gas Fan, Cooling Air Fan, De-Dusting Fan, Head End blower, Tail End blowers, Cooler blowers & Product screens needs to be monitored in Sinter Plant.

Utility rotary equipments like Pumps (HP Cooling water, Hot water, LRF, EOHT, Mould Cooling, Heat Exchanger, Tertiary Cooling, Blum Caster, Fume Flashing, DCW, High & Low Pressure, Multi stage, Emergency Diesel Pump), Cooling Tower Fans are being regularly monitored.

Captive Power Plant equipments like Turbine Generator Set, Fans (ID, FD, SA, PA& Booster), Pump (Boiler Feed water, CEP, DEP, CWP, ACWP & Intake Water), Compressor (Plant Air, ASH Air, Main Air), Cooling Tower Fan, Coal Crusher, Product Screen, Belt Conveyor & Diesel generator, etc., are regularly monitored.


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