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We are experienced in carrying out Vibration studies on critical mining & Earth moving equipments like Dumpers, Dozers and Excavators.

Vibration analysis on these equipments is periodically carried out based on number of hours of operation to understand and plan maintenance activity in order to avoid unprecedented failures.

Other critical equipments like Crushers, Conveyors, Compressors, etc., are also taken up for regular Vibration monitoring as failures of such equipments can raw material requirement for plant operation.


Ensure quality in all our activities of business is improved based on reviews & complying to recognized Standards in related field

Ensure high standards of expertise, through continuous improvement and dedication amongst our team, technology partners and panel of experts

Ensure employees are updated for performing their task exceeding customer requirement.


Help industries build proactive maintenance practices by providing timely services and effective solutions

Provide World Class Basic & Advanced Training services with latest development in the field to professionals

Provide quality Vibration Meters & Analysers


Achieve excellence and be the Company for itself as leader in the field of Condition Monitoring that understands and satisfies Customer requirement