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  • Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic analysis is the methodology, to understand both, 'Static and Dynamic behavior' of a machinery system, under the influence of all types of loads during operation. This analysis will help in identifying "possible problem areas" in individual or combined machinery systems. Dynamic analysis permits computation of the "N" number of natural frequencies and corresponding mode shapes of a system. This is implemented by assuming small deflections, small strains, and linear elastic material behavior. Determination of the system response (of the structure or other components) subjected to forces or displacement, in various parameters / modes are the basis of Dynamic Analysis.

The aim of the Dynamic Analysis is to ensure that the system is not subjected to a resonance condition during any stage of operation; apart from diagnosing and solving all machinery related inaccuracies. If any of the machinery system is near to a resonance condition; cost effective permanent solutions can also be identified from the Dynamic Analysis.

Detailed Diagnostic study based on vibration analysis is the first step in this direction; and most of the maintenance related problems can be precisely diagnosed from this. In some very extreme cases, the system dynamic behaviour is influenced due to inadequate margin between the natural frequencies and the operating frequencies dangerous situations are created. To find effective solutions to such problems, "The complete system Dynamic Analysis" becomes essential.

Through an effective combination of Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Analysis, inherent design / manufacturing defects can be identified and solved; apart from solving maintenance related failures and unstability of machineries. This method also helps, in scientifically identifying, the need (if any) for strengthening / stiffening of structures and machinery parts as well as identifying, the need (if any) for increasing / decreasing the system 'mass'.