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  • Vibration Institute ISO 18436 Course and Certification
  • Vibration Institute ISO 18436 Course and Certification

Vibration Institute ISO 18436 Course and Certification

We are PLATINUM Sponsor Representative in India & Corporate member of Vibration Institute, USA, an organization for scientists, engineers and other professionals representing a broad cross-section of industries to share information about measuring and analyzing vibration.

On Behalf of Vibration Institute USA, we regularly conduct Category I, II & III Course and Examination in Chennai, India. Candidates can choose the date of examination to meet their convenience and leave schedule. Candidates from India & Abroad appear the Course & Examination and successful candidates are qualified as ISO certified Vibration Analyst in accordance with ISO 18436 - 2 awarded by Vibration Institute, USA; an indication of our excellence in the field of Vibration Analysis Training.

Our in-house as well as organized open house Vibration Analysis training programs are considered one of the best among our Customers. Our faculty team comprises of renowned technical experts, specialized Plant Engineers, reputed Professors from Academic and Research Institutes and has served the industry for more than 29 years and have rich hands-on practical experience in solving vibration related problems from CNC to Large Turbines & Compressors. Our In-Plant Training programme is modeled with real time Case Studies & Exercises to suit each industry.

All our Seminars / Training Programs focus on problem diagnostics and trouble-shooting with priority for Practical Implementation. The subjects covered shall be tailor made to match the customer's requirements. Updating the technical strength, familiarizing the latest technologies and providing practical insight to real life case studies from complex industries are the basic target of these seminars.


We conduct ANSI accredited ISO certified Courses & Examinations Category I, II & III awarded by Vibration Institute, Illinois, USA, in accordance to ISO 18436 - 2 regularly and have enquiries on almost daily basis. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is the premier organization that coordinates the implementation of national and international standards.

Eligibility for Vibration Institute USA Examination (Required Training and Experience)

Listed below are the minimum hours of formal training required in vibration analysis and the minimum months of experience required in the field of machinery vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics in order to qualify to sit for (take) Vibration Institute USA examination.

Due to the minimum number of training hour required by the Standard (listed below), many candidates will be required to certify at the Category I level prior to taking the Category II exam. This requirement may be waived if the candidate meets one of the criteria listed below under "Direct Entry to Category II".

Minimum Required Training & Experience for Vibration Institute USA Category Examination
Category Training (Hours) Experience (Months)
Category I 30 6
Category II CAT I +38 18
Category III CAT II +38 36
Category IV CAT III +64 60

Direct Entry to Vibration Institute USA Category II Examination:

A candidate may skip the Vibration Institute Category I examination, certification, and formal training requirement and apply directly for Cateogry II if they meet any one of the following criteria.

  1. Holds any 4-year degree from a college or university
  2. Holds any 2-year technical degree from a college or university
  3. Has 3 or more years of experience in vibration analysis
  4. Holds an active vibration analyst recognition (certificate) at any Category from any reputable training organization

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