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  • Vibration Meters A+

Viber X

The VIBER-XTMis a portable vibrometer to be used in preventive and pro-active maintenance work, especially on rotating machinery. A complete set consists of an instrument, soft carrying bag, a vibration transducer with magnet support. VIBER-XTM measures the velocity (mm/s RMS) in the two frequency ranges 10 - 1000 Hz or 2 Hz - maximum frequency (16000 Hz depending on version of VIBER-XTM and transducer). The instrument has the capability to measure up to 40 kHz, the limiting factor is the accelerometer.

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  • Vibration Meters X1

VIBER X1TM (Trending Tool)

VIBER X1TM is an analog vibration measuring instrument for control and measurement of the mechanical vibration and bearing condition. A flexible instrument that fits in every maintenance engineer's pocket.

The VIBER X1TM instrument has the following features:

  • Total level (mm/s RMS) and bearing condition.
  • Easy to use, start and measure.
  • Dust-and waterproof, for use under tough conditions (IP 65).
  • Interchangeable accelerometer with cable
  • Selectable frequency ranges.
  • Analog instruments with high measurement accuracy and reliability.
  • Provides a good security in assessing when a piece of equipment need to be addressed.

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  • Vibration Meters X2

VIBER X2 TM (Mini Analyser)

  • Accurate measurements for 4 selectable frequency ranges.
  • Real-time measurement of the total vibration level and the Bearing Condition (BC), shown simultaneously.
  • Weight including transducer, cable and batteries - 285 grams.
  • The largest amplitude peak frequency in RPM or Hz in main screen display.
  • Measurement units and measurement presentation may be selected by the user from the following list:
    • g-value = (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • a = m/s2 (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • V = mm/sec (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • V = inch/sec (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • D = mills (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • D = μm (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
  • Bearing Condition measurements.
  • Bar indicator shows measurement stability.
  • Large dynamic range of the vibration signal (up to 50 g).
  • Low power consumption.
  • Clear vibration, temperature and danger alarms by red and yellow colour LED's.
  • Easy to understand and operate.
  • Advanced technology with DSP processor.
  • Display with backlight.
  • Several languages are available.
  • Adjustable Auto-shut off for energy saving.
  • Dust and waterproof, for rough use (IP 65).

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  • Vibration Meters X3

VIBER X3TM (Mini Analyser with Software)

Starter of condition based maintenance by trending measurement in PC software:

  • It is an advancement of Viber X2
  • PC software Trend ViewTM included
  • Can be used as an Analyzer (fault displaying highest peaks from the FFT)
  • Headphones for bearing noice detection
  • Balancing with a new 3-point method
  • Bearing Condition
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Selectable alarms
  • Battery charger included
  • Dust and waterproof, for rough use (IP 65)

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