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  • Vibration Training Analysis Audit

Vibration Training : In House / Open House

Our Vibration Analysis training program is considered one of the best among our Customers. We have designed to effect Cultural Change in maintenance practices in your organization. All our Training programs are structured with a goal to increase Plant Availability by up-grading and establishing In-House Predictive Maintenance practices and move towards Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). Our faculties are highly experienced in providing Practical Training at Plant/complex level by sharing their long term field experience through Presentations and Field Demonstration. This will considerably bring down the unforeseen pressures on Maintenance activities in the long run.

Our entire training program is competency - based. Our training consists of 60% theroy and 40% practical / case studies

That means:

  • The outcome is assured
  • It focuses on participant's to perform the defined objectives

We offer TAILOR MADE Vibration Training programme both At your plant (In-house) and At a specified venue (Open-house) programme for Managers, Engineers & Technicians.

Agenda of the Training Programme:
  • ➤ Introduction to basics of Vibration
  • ➤ How Much Is Too Much Vibration?
  • ➤ Vibration Standards ISO 10816 & how to fix for individual equipments
  • ➤ Overview of Vibration Transducer and how to properly select them
  • ➤ Proven Method for Specifying Spectral Band Levels and Frequencies
  • ➤ Introduction to Vibration Signature Analysis and How to Diagnose Machine Operating Condition
  • ➤ What to look for most of the time & Approaching a machinery vibration problem
  • ➤ Role of Bearing Condition, Shock Pulse and HFD
  • ➤ Single Plane Balancing - Theory & Practice
  • ➤ Single plane vs. two plane unbalance
  • ➤ Working with vendors to improve balancing standards and receive smoother running machinery
  • ➤ Common pitfalls in every day Vibration Measurement
  • ➤ Real world case histories

The aim of vibration analysis training is to build an awareness and expertise in Condition Monitoring schedules in your own organisation and increase reliability of rotating equipment so as to bring down the pressures on maintenance routine in your industry.

our in-Plan program "Basics of Vibration to identifying Defects & Inaccuracies" the session are structured that the participants would be able to understand the following.

  1. What is Vibration and How Can It Be Used to Evaluate Machinery Condition? - Introduction
  2. What is Vibration Displacement?
  3. What is Vibration Velocity?
  4. What is Vibration Acceleration?
  5. What is Overall Vibration?
  6. What is Vibration Frequency and how it relates to defect & inaccuracies in an equipment?
  7. What is Vibration Phase?
  8. What is Vibration Spectrum?
  9. Difference between RMS, Peak and Peak-Peak Vibration Amplitude?
  10. When to Use Displacement, Velocity Or Acceleration?
  11. How Much is Too Much Vibration?
  12. Do's &Don't's while carrying out Vibration Studies
  13. Overview of Vibration Instruments, Transducers & how to select
  14. ISO standards & its application ISO 10816 & 7919, DIN 4150
  15. Fixing of Vibration Limits
  16. Criteria Considered for Test Bed & On Site Test
  17. Mental approach to Vibration Analysis & machinery problem
  18. How to diagnose Problems Detectable By Vibration Analysis - in detail (nearly 40 - 45 different problem identification will be dealt)
  19. In-situ Dynamic Balancing & its procedure in Vector Method
  20. Working with Vendors to improve the quality of machineries
  21. Case Studies
  22. Gap Analysis, Question & Answer session

Course Benefits:

  • Exposure to better Analyst aptitudes
  • Deeper Understanding of Vibration Principles & Techniques
  • Helping Analysts achieve the Standard Level of Knowledge and Expertise

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