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Vibration Analysis Consultants and Trainers

Vibrotech is a maintenance-centric company started with the singular goal of offering a pragmatic solution to the maintenance maladies related to vibration disorders through a systematic condition monitoring protocol with an unswerving "just-in-time" helpline.

Vibrotech have proudly enrolled in our team professionals with a dedication to the task on hand and with a track record of field experience spread over more than 30 years in Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring.

Vibrotech commenced laser alignment & MCSA (Motor Current Signature Analysis) in addition to thermography and have made good progress with the number of orders proving industries confidence in our team as a full-fledged single point source in condition monitoring of rotary & reciprocating machines.

Vibrotech at Vibrotech help the industries run without interruptions caused by factors known to the engineering mind, calling for urgent remedial measures. Vibrotech offer the much-needed helping hand in the form of consultancy services and training programs ensuring unstoppable operation of rotating parts that serve as the backbone of industries.

The year 2023 had been a Great year for us where Vibrotech celebrated the mark of 18th successful year completion.

Vibrotech would like to thank all of our customers who continue their patronage & confidence in our team by repeating orders every year for the past 10 years.

Vibrotech are also happy to announce that similar to Vibration Analysis & In-situ Dynamic Balancing , Vibrotech are also providing the following services on urgent, AMC & continuous monitoring services by our well trained & experienced engineers in ‐

  • Analysis carried out: More than 15000 equipment analyzed (average 22 machines/day).
  • In-situ Dynamic Balancing: More than 1000 rotors successfully balanced (success rate - 98.5%).
  • Timely Attending to customer requirements: 98%.
  • Timely Emergency call attendance: 98% (less than 24 hours) - Rated very high as per industrial standards.
  • Customer Satisfaction: 98% (Vibrotech serve almost all our customers repeatedly).

VIBROTECH TRAINERS & CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD., Chennai, wishes to Thank all our Valued Customers, Business Associates & Well Wishers for their continued confidence in our team.

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